ECU Flashing available at The Keyless Shop Bethesda

ECU Flashing now available at The Keyless Shop!

For many Toyota and Lexus vehicles from 1998 to 2003 the key cannot be programmed by a basic key programmer.   This can be very costly if you have lost your only key to the vehicle.  If all keys are lost the Toyota or Lexus dealership will require that you replace your ECU (engine computer).  Unfortunately this could cost you as much as $1500, just to make a car key! You heard that right.  

Fortunately, you have another option with The Keyless Shop.  We offer ECU re-flashing which means we don't have to replace the computer, we essentially re-flash the ECU so that a new key will start the engine.  This is not an easy procedure and requires EPROM (reading the key information off the circuit board of the ECU).  To do this, the ECU must be removed from the vehicle and eprom must be performed. 

Good news is that we can come to your vehicles location and provide this service and we charge less than half the price you will pay at the dealer.

We recommend that you always have a spare transponder key on hand ESPECIALLY for the early model Toyota or Lexus vehicles.  Come visit us at 7103 Democracy Blvd in Bethesda, MD 20817. Or give us a call at (240)-855-0322.  We are located right at Sears Montgomery Mall in the outside key shop.