Why isn't my car key working?

Why is my car key not working?

Top 5 reasons why your car key has stopped working.

Car keys stop working for various but here are our top 5 reasons why your car key has probably stoped working:

  1. The battery in the key is dead and needs to be replaced. Usually a simple $10 battery replacement at any Keyless Shop location.

  2. The key got wet and the now the remote is dead. Usually this requires replacing the key remote.

  3. The car key has been deprogrammed from the vehicle. This can happen for couple reasons, however usually the car key can be reprogrammed back to the car. Cost to reprogram car keys varies from $35 to $95 at any Keyless Shop at Sears location.

  4. The button pad on the remote is worn out. Usually the lock and unlock are the first to stop working. If either button is not working but your panic button and trunk button are working then most likely you just a new remote pad. The Keyless Shop can replace your remote pad for only $14.75.

  5. Not a key problem. Sometimes people think the key is the problem but in fact it could be something wrong with the car or something simple such as no gas in the tank or the car starter has gone bad. When its not a key problem we suggest reaching out to your local mechanic.