Having Aftermarket Alarm Problems?

If you have an aftermarket Alarm or remote start system installed in your car then chances are your having lots of problems.  The main issue with aftermarket Alarm systems if that if your remote breaks or the battery dies and you open the door manually with the key then you can set off the alarm and the car wont start! Thats correct, the car wont start.  The car goes into security mode and usually wont start for 30 minutes.  The system is supposed to prevent people from stealing your car but in reality it just prevents the owner from driving the car.  

We see this problem every day from customers all over the country.  Our recommendation is to forget about aftermarket alarm systems!  They are junk, trash, basura.  If you need a remote for your car, stick with factory original or OEM remotes.  OEM remotes are original from the manufacture, essentially it is the remote the dealers sell. We only sell and repair OEM remotes.  Oem remote are reliable, aftermarket remotes are not.

If you have an aftermarket system in your car then we recommend removing the system from the Vehicle.  Give us a call today at 800-985-9531 and we can usually deactivate your alarm system for around $50.  Once we disable the alarm system you will have that peace of mind that your car will start every time and your alarm system wont be going off like crazy.  Your neighbors will appreciate it, no one wants to hear your alarm going off all the time.