repair mini condor key machine

Repair Broken Mini Condor Laser Key Machine

Repair Broken Mini Condor Laser Key Machine

Attention locksmiths, Is your Mini Condor not working properly? Is your mini condor screen cracked or frozen? Does your mini condor key machine no longer cut key correctly? These are some common problems with the mini condor key machine.

Do not worry, we can help! The Keyless Shop is a proud distributor of Xhorse products and a expert in repairing the Xhorse Mini Condor Key Machine. Usually we can fix the key machine for under $400. Common repairs include replacing the mother board, repalcing the screen, updating the software and re-wiring cables.

If you need your mini condor or mini condor plus key machine repaired call us at:

800-985-9531 or email us at