How can I rekey a door lock without a locksmith?

Can the locks on my house be changed without buying new ones? Yes! This is something you can do yourself, if you have the correct tools or have The Keyless Shop do it for you. The first thing you will need to do is remove the lock from the door. At this point you can bring it into The Keyless Shop or do it yourself.

If doing it yourself and it is a deadbolt, remove the two long screws and pull apart the lock. Then you will see a cylinder being held in by a smaller screw. Remove it and pullout the cylinder. Remove the c clamp that holds the inside cylinder to the outer part. Then put your original key in the cylinder and make a 1/4 turn.

Use a follower to push the inside of the cylinder out. Be careful and go slow because there are pins in both parts of the cylinder. Leave the follower in the cylinder and pay attention to how you took it you can put it back together without problems. Next, remove the key from the inside cylinder you just removed and remove pins. You will now have to put the new key you want the lock key to have, into the inside cylinder. Put appropriate size pins in the holes to where they are even with the top of the hole. These pins must be flush or the lock will not turn when you put the cylinder back together. Use a file and file down over the new pins to assure they are flush. If you file and one pin is too short and isn't touched...then get the next size larger pin. It is important that there is no gap here.

ReKey Door Lock

ReKey Door Lock

Once this is done, test that the key goes in and out by lightly placing your finger over the pins while pulling out the key. Now the key is ready to go back into the rest of the cylinder. Again, as you are pushing have the inside cylinder at a 1/4 turn and push slowly making sure the follower is flush with the inside prevent any gaps so the top pins and springs do not fall out or get damaged. Once in, put the c clamp back on and put the cylinder back in the deadbolt case and screw back in. At this point you can add graphite and work the key in and out of the lock to make sure it is smooth. Then reattach to the door.