Broken Honda and Toyota Remote Key Problems in Lansing!

Where can I fix my broken car key in Lansing, MI?

Why did my Honda or Toyota remote key break and can I fix it? How much does it cost to fix my broken car key? The problem is Toyota and Honda remote Keys can break or get damaged for a variety of reasons. Dropping it, tossing it around or getting it wet and damaging the circuit board and computer chip inside the car key. These are a few of the most common reasons Honda and Toyota keys break.

Toyota, Honda and Lexus remote keys are not as durable as you may think, in fact it is very common for them to break. With the Honda key, Toyota keys, and Lexus keys there is a little screw that holds the blade of the key in the remote portion and that spot is commonly where they break because there really isn't much to hold on to and stress cracks the plastic shell.

Broken Honda Remote Key in Lansing.  The Keyless Shop can fix it.

Broken Honda Remote Key in Lansing.  The Keyless Shop can fix it.

After the key is broken you do have options on replacing the key remote. You can go to a dealer but expect to pay the highest prices. You can have a local mobile locksmith come to you to replace it, usually a locksmith will charge you a service fee plus the cost of the key.  This is also not a cheap fix.  Or you can come to The Keyless Shop at Sears in Lansing at the Frandor Shopping Center and we can replace it for $125 plus we will fix your broken car key for free, if its fixable.  Give us a call at 517-721-1488 today.  

What about fixing the old one?   At The Keyless Shop in Lansing, will attempt to repair your original remote key for free when purchasing a Honda, Toyota or Lexus remote key from us.  Come visit us today, we are the Automotive Locksmith at Sears that the Lansing and East Lansing community has trusted for over 60 years.