Why won't the key turn in my ignition?

Top 3 reason why your key no longer turns in your ignition and what to do about it.

#3: The Steering wheel is locked. When the steering wheel is locked the key will often not turn to the on position. This can be fixed easily by simply moving the steering wheel back and forth while you wiggle the key to the on position.

#2: The Ignition has gone bad and needs replaced or fixed. This is seen often on Honda ignitions especially. The Honda ignition tumblers have bent or jammed and the key won’t turn. Solution: The ignition must be replaced or pulled and repaired by an Automotive Locksmith such as The Keyless Shop locksmith company.

#1: The number one reason why keys won’t turn in the ignition is in fact a worn out key. When the key gets worn out over time it becomes thin and no longer turns in the ignition. This is especially common with Saturn keys. Solution: Get another key cut by code or vin, by doing this you will have a wider key that will work just like new. Problem Solved. The Keyless Shop can cut you a new key by vin for only $95. Click here