Where can I copy my Car Key in Washington DC?

Replacement Car Keys made in Washington DC

The Keyless Shop Locksmith is your one stop shop for replacement car keys, remotes, house keys, and much more. Come visit us next to Sears at Montgomery Mall in Bethesda.

So… you have misplaced your car key while downtown Washington DC.  What a bummer!  Here are few things you can do.

1. Call the car dealership – .  Most car dealerships charge between $150 to $1200 for a new car key on a late model vehicle.  Usually you will need to tow the vehicle to the dealership, usually costing at least $100, which makes getting the car key copy very expensive.  Depending whether the car is under bumper to bumper warranty the dealer may cover this cost. 

2. Call a mobile locksmith  – There are many professional mobile locksmiths which can help you with your car key problem.  However usually they don't have a retail storefront, this can be a problem if you ever need to get back in touch with them, they can be hard to track down. 

3. Call a nationwide scammer locksmith call center –   Many of these nationwide locksmith call centers wont give you much information over the phone.  They usually quote $15 to come out and then charge very high price for their service.  Usually the technicians they send have very little experience.   Don't fall for the scam. 

4. Call the The Keyless Shop at Sears.  We are licensed bonded and insured and we are a partner with Sears.  We currently have sixteen retail locations serving eight states.  All our storefronts are located at Sears and we are open seven days a week at most of our locations.  All our car keys and remotes have a 90 day warranty.  Our Key Shop in Bethesda is located right at Montgomery Mall, in the little outside Sears Key Shop which has been serving the Washington DC area for over 60 years.  You will save time and money when you come visit us.  Give us a call at 800-985-9531 for a quote or to find your nearest Keyless Shop at Sears location.