What is a Smart Key? (Push to Start)

What is a smart key and how do I know if I have one?

A smart key is an electronic key that starts your car and unlocks and locks your car without using a traditional key. It works by transmitting a signal to a receiver on your vehicle and when you get in your car it senses the "fob" and you just push a button usually by the steering wheel and Bingo! Your car starts!

Smart keys are becoming more popular and found in more and more new cars no matter which brand vehicle you like. Is it expensive? Well yes, it can be, because of the newer technology. Dealers can and do charge usually between $350 to $900 for them! At The Keyless Shop we charge $225 for most smart keys.

Does it take a long time to do? Again, at a dealership you probably will need to drop your car off for half a day or longer. Also, at The Keyless Shop Akron, no appointment is necessary and we can make your smart key in under an hour!  Come visit any of our convenient locations today!

 Dodge Smart Key

Dodge Smart Key