Lost all your Mercedes Keys?


Have you lost all your keys to your Mercedes? Give us a call today and set up your appointment.  Please be advised that The Keyless Shop only makes and services Mercedes keys in the Bethesda, MD and Washington DC area.  

Mercedes keys are very difficult to program and take a lot of time to make. Usually they require that we remove the Mercedes IR Key computer module from the vehicle and perform EPROM (a process which requires reading the key information off the chip of the computer circuit board). 

If you have your title and proof of ownership to the vehicle then we suggest you go to the Mercedes dealer for the Key!  I know it may sound crazy but its true, The Keyless Shop cannot save you any money on these keys, neither can most locksmiths. In fact our prices to make the key may be significantly higher than the Mercedes dealer!  Our prices start at $295 to $600. The Mercedes dealer usually charges about $225 - $300 to make the key however they don't have to touch your vehicle, they simply order the key or smart remote based off the vin number and it comes pre-programmed to the vehicle.  

If you have misplaced your title and need the key made today then give us at call at 240-855-0322 just expect to pay around $400 to $600 for an "all keys lost" Mercedes situation.  Bottom Line, don't loose your Mercedes key because there is no cheap solution to make another, especially if you don't have the title.